Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Things First

This is not my first blog and it will probably not be my last. I'm trying here to write and collect something that isn't as passing as my observations from two earlier experiments on Blogger during several months in Amman, Jordan and Washington, D.C. I hope this blog will provide its readers with a stream of interesting and worthy observations compiled or created by me.

This blog will combine personal ideas and insights with a steady stream of links to great articles, books, or posts that were created by others and seen by me. My past efforts on Blogger always seemed to slow down as life took me further away from the initial burst of energy that creates a blog or other sustained correspondence.

This time out I hope to capture some of the best material I find in my day's review of the news and world on a day to day basis. If posts become too frequent or too absent, let me know via comment or email. I go through a lot of news, books, photos, and podcasts every week. I try to take in a lot of different subjects and perspectives. If you don't find something to like in one post or link, there's a good chance that the next will touch a completely different discipline, part of the world, or point on the ideological spectrum.

Always feel free to comment or request further information. I hope this blog will make better sense of the articles that in the past would only get forwarded to Facebook or emailed to a few friends. I plan to integrate Facebook and Twitter into this endeavor, but this blog should be the central station for all that I publish and praise on the web. I hope you enjoy it.

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